The Friday Flip Vol. 2

published August 19, 2022

Flip of the week: none

Find of the week: Brand new Warhammer 40K Kill Team: Chalnath Box, brand new Warhammer 40K battlezone objective set

Welcome to the Friday Flip!

This week I'll be briefly talking about both the flip and the find.

Flip of the week

As I mentioned above, there was no flip of the week. None of my inventory has sold since last weekend, and I'm okay with that. A large part of this hobby, for me at least, is getting things posted and then exercising patience. I enjoy the asynchronous nature of flipping; once the work is done to get something posted online, you can stash it and be about your day.

Find of the week

On Wednesday I randomly decided to check in on one of my favorite game stores in town. They always have a clearance table full of interesting things. To my surprise, they had a bunch of Warhammer 40K stuff on the table for 50% off. Brand new, still sealed in shrink wrap.

An aside about Warhammer - I remember the very first box I ever got as a kid. My friend Anthony gave me a box of Warhammer Fantasy Lizardman Sauras he hadn't opened. I must have been 9 or 10 years old. That kicked started several years of being engrossed in the hobby. I eventually gravitated toward 40K because I've always been more of a sci-fi nerd. I played Imperial Guard, Blood Angels, and Tau. Last year, I painted my first model in probably 15 years. Anyway, the story illustrates one of my core statutes when it comes to flipping: focus on what you love, focus on things you know. I flips I derive the most joy from are the ones that I have a personal connection with.

So back to the local game store I was at. I may go back to see if they have any 40K boxes left, but while I was there earlier this week, I picked up a Kill Team: Chalnath boxset and a 40K battlezone objectives box, both for 50% off. The objective set shouldn't have any problems selling at the original new price. The kill team box I decided I would part out. It comes with some sweet terrain pieces that I actually want to keep for myself. The rest of the components - a Tau Pathfinder kill team, an Adeptus Sororitas Novitiate kill team, and the rule book, should sell well enough to recoup the original cost of the box plus a little extra.

Next week, I'll look at talking a little more about my process - things I do to research a niche, how to streamline posting to eBay, etc. Stay tuned!



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