The Friday Flip Vol. 4

published September 30, 2022

Flip of the week: Warhammer 40k Battlefield Objective Set

Find of the week: None

Welcome to the Friday Flip!

It's been a few weeks since my last entry. The reason for that is things have just been slow in general. I think with the way the economy is right now, folks are tightening up their spending. That said, I had two sales this week which reminded me of an important idea to hold onto in this hobby: Waiting for the right buyer.

The first sale was for an electric bike I owned for about a year. About a month and a half ago I realized I wasn't riding it enough to justify holding onto it. I listed the bike on Craigslist for $2000 (what I paid for it), knowing that price was still well under MSRP. My target sell price was $1500. Over the next month and a half several offers came in around the $1000 mark, one even offering $500. Said no to all of them. As a seller, I was in no rush to sell this thing, and was content to just wait. Sure enough, the bike sold for $1500 through OfferUp earlier this week.

The second sale was the flip of the week I mentioned above. I bought that particular Warhammer 40K box for 20 bucks about a month ago. Yesterday, it sold on eBay for $33 plus shipping, and I'll take home $27 after fees. I'll be honest I think I could have gotten more if I had waited even longer, but I'm still pretty content with a 35% profit.

All this is to say, be patient! As long as your target exit price is reasonable, the right buyer is out there. As a seller, you have most of the power when it comes to dictating the price you want to get.



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